Morocco Bound with Intrepid Travel

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After a week of waffling between Turkey, Peru and Morocco, you voted to Experience Morocco with Intrepid Travel.

Then we were thrilled and overwhelmed with thousands of entries, Tweets and blog comments chock full of your fantastic packing tips.

Now we’ve finally arrived at the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

So who is coming to Morocco with Aviators & a Camera and Angie Away?!

Kirsten and I  each pressed the magic random selector button on our respective Rafflecopter widgets and (drum roll, please!) these are the first two lucky names to appear:

Greetings from Italy & Hawaii

Pack your bags, Marie-Eve Vallières and Loïc Marcille, because you’ve just won the Morocco Experience from Intrepid Travel!

Intrepid’s Morocco Experience trip features 15 action packed days from Casablanca to Marrakech. We’ll see the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, camp in the sandy Sahara Desert, sleep in a hotel made of Saharan sand, visit the medieval old town of Fes and take a million pictures of colorful, photogenic spice markets & souqs along the way.

Kirsten & I will be in touch later today via email with all the details. Congratulations to you both!


It’s been quite a journey already, and it’s only just beginning! We’ll be sharing about our Intrepid Travel Morocco adventures in the very near future. Thank you so much to everyone who entered to win, and stick around because there are more chances to win excellent travel-related goodness in the pipeline.

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11 thoughts on “Morocco Bound with Intrepid Travel

  1. Kirsten Alana

    SO EXCITED to experience Morocco with our little group!!!!!! But most excited to complete the adventure we began with a mere conversation in Italy… and how funny I am back here now when we announce our winners. XOXO

  2. Samantha Reho

    Congrats to the winners!! I’m thinking Intrepid Travel should you let you continue to the journey with new winners for Peru and Turkey. I’m free #justsayin // Great give-away again!

  3. Emiel

    Congratulations to the winners! I love Morocco and who wouldn’t want to go travel there with these two awesome ladies!
    Great contest/concept and I wish you all lots of travel fun.

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