Jerusalem's Western Wall | A Photo Essay

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Israel was an unexpected detour for me this year, but one I’m so glad I took. From my nerve-wracking but actually rather painless border crossing from Jordan to my disappointing tour of Bethlehem to my overwhelming ambles through the heart of Jerusalem, the entire experience was one I’m still left processing all these months later. There is truly no way to wrap one’s mind around all that is Jerusalem so I’ve decided to give up on that pursuit!

As I say goodbye to the Middle East once again, I wanted to leave you with some of the most powerful photos I took during my visit.

Warnings at the Western Wall

The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem sits below the western side of the Temple Mount and is all that’s left of the wall that once surrounded the Jewish Temple’s courtyard. It’s known as the most sacred site for observers of the Jewish faith outside of the Temple Mount itself — and since they aren’t allowed to access the Temple Mount due to Muslim control, it serves as the main meeting point and spiritual center for the Jewish people.

The wall today marks the literal boundary between Jews and Muslims throughout the Middle East.

Peeking onto the male side of the Western Wall

Men & women are divided at the Western Wall. Men and married women are expected to cover their heads upon approaching the Wall, and to dress appropriately. When departing, the custom is to walk backwards away from the Wall to show respect for its sanctity.

The Western Wall below, Dome of the Rock & Temple Mount above

From Wikipedia: There is much debate among Jewish codifiers about whether it is permitted to place one’s fingers inside the cracks of the Wall. Those who warn against such action hold that the breadth of the Wall constitutes part of the Temple Mount itself and therefore retains holiness. Others hold that the Wall stands outside the given measurements of the Temple area and therefore there is no concern about inserting one’s fingers into the crevices.

Notes & prayers


The Western Wall is constructed of limestone blocks, one of which measures more than 13 feet long and weighs 628 tons. Nothing  similar in size exists anywhere else, including the Pyramids in Giza!

Western Wall fashion


Letters to God

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. Psalm 122:6&7

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14 thoughts on “Jerusalem's Western Wall | A Photo Essay

  1. Gordon Lethbridge

    I’ve been there on two occasions and your pictures really do evoke a sense of being there. You have captured so much of what goes on at the Western Wall. It’s a few years since I was there and I would really like to return. Thanks for a great post.


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